The Secret behind an exceptional collection
lies more in the ability to say 'no' to a piece,
than in the ability to say 'yes'.

Baron Joseph Duveen
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"Wouldn’t you want the world to discover your collection of handles?” Peter was asked one day

"I'd put it differently” he replied “... I’d fancy my handles exploring the world.“

Today, the van Cronenburg jewels sparkle all over the world, some overlooking mountains, others sailing the seven seas, all ambassadors of the brands craftsmanship and creativity.

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Contemporary, modern classic, period or Art Deco glam. From sumptuous to understated, van Cronenburg accomplishes every style with virtuosity, authenticity and panache.



Our comprehensive collection offers a solution for every need: handles, hinges, knobs, draw pulls, water spouts, latches and locks, bells, numbers and knockers.

Finishes Van Cronenburg

Finishes & Textures

Finish refers to the patina, plating or coating of a piece, Texture to appearance on the hardware’s surface. Smooth or irregular, brushed or polished, filed, hammered or 'wabi-sabi': as with our finishes, the texture can change the character of a piece of hardware.

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Stones, leather, mother of pearl, wood, silver and gold. All add their expression to the infinite possibilities of our team of craftsmen.


Our extensive archive contains a collection of plaster casts, drawings,
sketches executed in graphite, the oldest dating back to the 1850s,
and assembled in the Old Foundry’s workbooks.

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