“Hardware is the long lasting element of comfort,
safety and beauty that reveals the quality and character
of a house and its owner.”

Peter van Cronenburg
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About van Cronenburg



Headquartered in the medieval city of Ghent, the foundry - one of the oldest in Europe - is closely related to its rich History: creative, innovative, daring and open to the World.

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The van Cronenburg spirit is a philosophy of Life, expressed by the core values of Excellence, Aesthetics, Craftsmanship, Cooperation & Team Spirit, Customer Intimacy, Innovation and Humor.

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The Team

With combined backgrounds in Fine Woodworking, Consulting and Art History, co-principals Peter van Cronenburg and Regine Yvergneaux lead a multi-talented, international team to deliver products of superb quality and the highest standards for professional advice.

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The importance of Symbols

Our logo taps into the symbolism of the Magician card in the Tarot, the card of creative power, skill, dedication and persistence in order to achieve mastery.

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"We believe in authenticity and are committed to the details that make the difference.
We allow our hardware to express itself
and blend with the unique character of each project."

Régine Yvergneaux